Lucky Wheel

Spin for a Chance to Secure Daily Guaranteed Prizes Worth up to €2,000!

Lucky Wheel up to €2,000

Get Bonus

How It Works:

  1. Make a Deposit
    • Choose the amount you want to deposit.
    • Use the corresponding bonus code (SILVER for Silver Wheel, EPIC for Epic Wheel).
  2. Spin the Wheel
    • The bonus is awarded immediately after the deposit.
    • Spin the wheel to see what prize you win.
  3. Win Guaranteed Prizes
    • Silver Wheel: Win up to €1,000.
    • Epic Wheel: Win up to €2,000.

Prizes Overview:

Wheel TypeDeposit Range (€)Reward (€)Bonus Code
Silver Wheel30 – 99Up to 1,000SILVER
Epic Wheel100+Up to 2,000EPIC

Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Prizes: Every spin guarantees a prize.
  • Immediate Bonus: The bonus is awarded right after the deposit.
  • Daily Opportunities: Spin the wheel daily for new chances to win.

Join LuckyWins Casino and start spinning the Lucky Wheel today for your chance to win big.

Terms & Conditions

1. To get Lucky Wheel bonuses, your deposit shall be at least 30 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD; 300 NOK; 0.0009 BTC; 0.45 LTC; 0.017 ETH; 0.14 BCH; 445 DOG; 30 USDT or 100 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD, 1000 NOK, 0.004 BTC, 1.4 LTC, 0.06 ETH, 0.8 BCH, 1478 DOG, 100 USD.

2. Making deposit over 30 EUR, the player can receive up to 1,000 EUR, making deposit over 100 EUR, the player can receive up to 2,000 EUR.

3. To get the Silver Wheel Bonus, please enter SILVER bonus code while making a deposit.

4. To get the Epic Wheel Bonus, please enter EPIC bonus code while making a deposit.

5. Each wheel can be received 3 times a day.

6. To wager bonus/free spins result, you need to make bets for an amount 40 times the bonus/free spins result amount.

7. Maximum winning from Lucky Wheel cash bonuses is 5,000 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD; 50,000 NOK; 400,000 RUB; 27,500 BRL; 713,000 JPY; 430,000 INR; 90,000 ZAR; 0.2 BTC; 70 LTC; 3 ETH; 40 BCH; 73900 DOG; 5000 USDT.

8. Maximum winning from free spins is 200 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD; 2000 NOK; 0.008 BTC; 2.8 LTC; 0.12 ETH; 1.6 BCH; 2956 DOG; 200 USDT for deposits over 30 EUR. Maximum winning from free spins is 1000 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD; 10000 NOK; 0.04 BTC; 14 LTC; 0.6 ETH; 8 BCH; 14780 DOG; 1000 USDT for deposits over 100 EUR.

9. Free spins are added in Gift Rush (Bgaming).

10. Free spins activation duration is 1 day, free spins duration and free spins result duration are 7 days.

11. Player can activate Lucky Wheel in 24 hours after receiving.